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an idear.....

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For me, it helps to pass the time on my upload tests which take a little time because I am on Satellite.

Of course I don't know how much the scrolling slows down your testing.

Don't at all mean to shot down your suggestion, I know first hand that CA3LE and the Mods treat every suggestion very serious and they show real appreciation for everyones thoughts.

Testmy is a really great Forum because of the excellent attitude that prevail;s here.


CA3LE:  The spell checker made me change Mod's to Mods, I am not sure I agree,,

The spell checker did not like Testmy, and wanted me to change it but, on that one I put my foot down, kind of like you can cover up YELLOW, but dont you cover up TEXAS. :angry5:

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how about when we load a test.........to shut off the PHP uptop for scrolling threads?

i think that might help some of us out w/the slower PC's....

just my 2cents

DONE!  :)

Thank you for the suggestion, I don't know why it was there in the first place.  :haha:

As for the spell checker... there are a couple of things it doesn't know, it uses a server-side ap that has it's own dictionary.  I am going to read up to see if I can add my own entries for some common tech type stuff it doesn't know yet.

Thanks guys :)  you all rock!

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:) I think the scroll is an easy way to get to new topics,its a start page for me and I can decide if I want to test or go to the forum, but I think I can manage either way.......L0L... now that its off when testing I don't see that its making any difference by being there.......unless its causing an issue that I don't know I say let it stay 4now..... :)

8) Microwave

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Personally, I like the Scroll, so long as its not causing any problems.

It may be that ppl coming to test may not be going to the Forum at all.

With the scroll running it helps to communicate that there is more here at Testmy than just the test.

According to the spell checker I am not doing very well... I sure hope it isn't leading me astray..

I don't want no kool-aid...


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