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mp3PRO isn't a new as you may think it is. It's probably over 3 years old.

Anyway, I've used mp3PRO before when I had a laptop that I used to play my music. It was pretty old with only a 4GB harddrive and mp3PRO looked pretty good. So I converted all my music and saved quite a bit of space. On the laptop speakers they sounded fine. But when time came to buy a new computer, Itransferred all my music over to the new computer which came with a very good pair of speakers. They sounded bad. No where near the quality of the standard MP3 codec.

I would suggest that you only use mp3PRO if you are really desperate for harddrive space, of if you just want to fit more music on your MP3 player. Although some MP3 players don't support mp3PRO.

There was my 2 cents, hope I helped.

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hmm...when editing live concerts, I just use WAV or *sometimes* mp3pro, but I can't hear the diference between the two.  ;) The only problem with the way I do it is that ya gotta have a lotta hard drive space to encode an entire 28 song live concert into WAV!!! :)

hope that helps Junkie. :haha:

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