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MOTOROLA's SURF board Configuration Manager

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They updated the modem list a few days ago.

Modem            Modem    Max Download

Brand            Model      (Mbps)


Motorola          SB3100      4.9

          (OS: VxWorks 5.3.1)

Terayon          ECM615      3.8

Thompson (RCA)    DCW615      5.4

I think  Comcast is still troubleshooting problems with the upgrades. I still don't get the faster speeds yet either. Also, I assume you're subscribing to the 6Mb/384/Kb service ($10 extra)

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In my understanding your downstream  power is the signal level you getting from your isp provider ( Cable company) in perfect world it should be in range from 0 to 7 dBmV,

as of Upstream power, level is showing how much power modem has  to send out to reach the CSMT. Once again in prefect world  it should be in range of 40 to 50 dBmV.

Please understand that all this is in perfect world with out any noise on the lines, no signal leakage.

Any Q's please Ask :lol:

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Downstream  Value

Frequency 693000000 Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio 33 dB

QAM 256

Network Access Control Object ON

Power Level -5 dBmV 

Upstream  Value

Channel ID 1

Frequency 35600000 Hz

Ranging Service ID 3030

Symbol Rate 3.200 Msym/s

Power Level 50 dBmV

Is this good? I read you're supposed to have 0-5 for the downloadstream and mine is -5. But on the speed tests I usually average 6,000-6,200 and with the overhead factored in 6400-6700. I get more than the advertised speeds for 6,000/768. Although the upload hovers around 690-715 most of the time.

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Yes, those levels look good.

-10 to +10dBmv is the good range for a Docsis modem downstream.

50dBmv is on the high end, but still good for the upstream.

I see it says 3.2 Msym/s symbol rate on the return.

You must be located in Europe?

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EDIT: After looking into it a little, the symbol rates appear to be the same between DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS even though the European channel plan consists of wider channels.

I wonder if the Moto diag page has a misprint in it; maybe should be 3.2Mhz wide channel, 2.56 Msym/second.

Oh well, I must be bored......

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