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Surprise! Its a first post and I would like some advice, please.


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Hello every one,

my brother pointed me in this forum's direction after using the sped test thingy (sorry not very technically minded).

Any way I recently switched ISP from Tiscali to Virgin after attempting for 3-4 months to upgrade my package from Tiscali to their Max 8mb package. To cut a long story short they never did manage to complete the upgrade in all that time.

After looking around Virgin seemed to offer the package I was looking for, anytime phone calls, unlimited access and they said about 7mbps after the 10 days settling in period.

Needless to say I have not reached anywhere near the speed they first suggested, never topped 1.9mbps. Anyway, I have tried to find out why they said I could get a speed that after the settling period doesn't materialize. They have tried to blame external wiring faults and told me to contact BT Wholesale, this I tried only to be told that the number Virgin supplied was incorrect and one they shouldn't have given out.

I have told them that I may have had the filters set wrong in my home during this period and have subsequently replaced the extension and socket that runs my phone and router with a combined phone/adsl box. Would this make any difference?

The BT speed test site says my line is has an IP set at 2000kbps, I'm assuming this is equivalent to 2mb? and shows my connection at 1835ish. Does this mean I am now stuck at this speed or will it go up? Should I do anything within my setup at home to help this go up or should it be automatic?

My Linksys router status is as follows

DSL Status:  Up   

      DSL Modulation Mode:  GDMT   

      DSL Path Mode:  INTERLEAVED   

      Downstream Rate:  7616 Kbps   

      Upstream Rate:  448 Kbps   

      Downstream Margin:  9 db   

      Upstream Margin:  24 db   

      Downstream Line Attenuation:  21   

      Upstream Line Attenuation:  13   

      Downstream Transmit Power:  0   

      Upstream Transmit Power:  0

This means little to me but can anyone shed some light on these figures for me, do they say my line quality? Why is the downstream rate over 3x my actual connection speed?

Sorry for the questions BUT I'm just 100% sure of the way things should work therefore am I being fobbed of or do I have the right to winge about a slower connection speed than I was first offered?

A big thank you in advance to anyone who is prepared to shed some light on this for me :grin:

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Welcome to the site. Glad your here. Can you please tell us about your computer setup. Is it wireless, how many things do you have connected to your router. Hope we can help and tell your brother thanks for recommending us.  :grin2: Oh what type of modem do you have.

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My computer is a Medion laptop (about 3 years old now) running windows xp with service pack 2 and regular updates. This runs with the mobile AMD Athlon XP-M2200+

788MHz, 448 mb of ram

I tend to run it wireless using a Linksys Wireless G ADSL gateway kit (WGKPC354G-UK) but I do have a ethernet wired connection that gets used occassionally. My kids also access this router wireless via their new Acer laptop that also runs XP.

Any other info you technical minded people need, just ask. ( I tend to be more suited to fixing Beetles that are not technically advanced :lol:)

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