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Inkjet Printer


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Artificial bones created from an inkjet


Last updated at 22:27pm on 14th April 2007

Scientists are creating artificial bones using a modified version of an inkjet printer.

The technology creates perfect replicas of bones that have been damaged and these can then be inserted in the body to help it to heal.

The process will revolutionise bone graft surgery, which currently relies on either bits of bone taken from other parts of the body or ceramic-like substitutes.

more at -  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=448654&in_page_id=1770&in_a_source=

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Good Lord. Could this mean that in a severe case , we could possibly replace the bone tissue loss of a severely rheumatoid woman?

I hope so Mudmance , for that is a truly crippling disease , and a miserable condition to live with, it has been around for thousands of years , still without a cure ,

it's an odd world , we can walk on the moon , but not cure the common cold even ,

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Its not odd at all when you know the US government.

Which application would best serve the military: the process of walking on the moon or the process of curing the common cold?

It is even more complex: even if the common cold could be cured do you think the pharmaceutical companies would want that? Plus, the pharmaceutical companies also have a huge lobby in government.

Then that brings a question to mind. We do not have the only research in the world. So how does this effect the rest of the world peepnklown? Why hasn't Canada or Japan created one yet?  :shock:
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but you seem to speak of it like it is a strange entity that suddenly took over your country

Well, knowing American history this is exactly what happened.

I guess we get what we vote for in the end

I believe this is wrong especially when our own elected leaders have shown it to be wrong.

I remember people telling me to vote for Kerry because,

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