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Hey all, long time no yak :rolleyes: I have a good one here. :headbang: very brief for now, have to go to work :mad2: I am trying to get my very first puter to work and I cannot get the floppy to work at all :oops: I have replaced EVERYTHING except the power supply during this entire process. The drive is getting 12 and 5v , it does run when you put in one of those disk cleaner gizmos that spin? It is an AT setup. Could there be a connection in the power supply to motherboard that could be bad? Device mgr says it's OK, my computer shows it, but can't open, says "A is not accessible", fdc controller is enabled in the bios, tried loading setup defaults, blah blah blah :idiot2: Gotta go till next time, cheers

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Hi php! Oh, I've tried at least 12 different drives, new ones, old ones. All sorts of cables new and old, plugged in every which way but vertical :headbang::icon_scratch: I found an exact duplicate mobo from Interloper and figured that would fix it, not. I also have the very latest bios version

available for the machine. There is not one thing in there now that was in there when I orginally bought it new, except for the psu. That's why I bought new one today to try which is about as far a stretch as you can get :? . There has to be an explanation. I've got to get it to boot or I cannot properly install an OS in the correct way, I've done it but it's tough(with win95) This whole trip was for nostalgia but now it's kinda getting "personal"  :lost: gotta for now, cheers, Dave

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