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Problems with cox high speed...


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To summerize the entire situation:

I am located in Phx, AZ and I have their 7/512 package and I always got good speeds.  I always got exacty 7 or 7.5mb down.  Never had any problems.

All of a sudden my speeds, for about a month drop down from 7mb to about 0.5mb - thats a hugeeeee drop.....I call them up, they drag me around for a month and a total of 5 tech comming to my house to finally discover that the problem is with wiring or something of that kind, but on their side. 

My signal is good, no packet loss yet my speeds were horrible.

Apperently, they put in a work order and got it 'fixed'.  It was fine for about 2 weeks and I got back into my 7mb range, and now again the problem is comming back.  It fluctuates between 0.5 and 3mb and sometimes its back in the 7mb range, but it is very  inconsistent !  I never had this problem before

Any hints on how I can resolve this with them ?  Im getting frustrated that they are not willing to fix the problem completely, and I am considering on dropping them as my ISP - but afraid to do so since my only other solution is QWest which offers low speed packages that I would need more from.........


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