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You like torrenting?


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I like Azureus (or however you spell it) and I use piratebay and another one I cant remember right now because im ee-knee-bree-ated (kiss my ass i didnt know how to spell it) so if we are not allowed to discuss this Aggr or Momma or someone change my post so I dont look like an ass. It seems like CA3LE said it was ok... hmmm....

wanders off saying something about a candy bar.

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Torrents are no different than any other P2P service.  The things you download are legal unless they are copyrighted.  BitTorrent is just a means to get them...

A good example being Linux Distros that are seeded in torrent....

:iamwithstupid::icon_thumleft: Perfect way to put it.

Ok off topic, but someone has got to own up and kill that damn berries and cream guy for starbursts. I mean strangle him till he shits a little berries and cream...

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