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uncle billy gates will not be happy.....


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While Im sure he knows. Give it a year and modding xp to vista without cheating and useing "windowblinds and objectdock" Lots of stuff out. Beta stuff. For thoes that think that its not possible. Watch and see. I just feel bad for thoes that made the jump to vista for the looks. Because it wont be long at all before a full fledge mod for xp will be out. With all the same exact features as vista.

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Its still ntfs if I am right on that one? They keep talking about the core change. In time vista will no more secure than any other os. Xp was supposed to be faster and more secure. In time and microsoft fixes changed that.

My whole complaint is gates took allot of stuff thats been around for a long time in lynix and put it into vista. Now vista on wireless and laptops is forsure better for most users.

Just sad that vista could of been so much more than pretty much eye candy. That is what is gonna sell vista. The whole aero thing. When the mods for xp start hitting in a big way lots of people will reconsider vista as a primary os. just my 2 cents.

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mods to make xp more like vista or linux or mac have been out for a long time - long before vista even came out.........

just brushing off on some basic things

- vista has improved its firewall

- much safer ie7 browsing experience

- this new thing called ReadyBoost - simply adding a flash drive or a similar device to expand your RAM

- improved power management for notebooks

- improved wireless networking

- file system / drive encryption

im sure there are many reasons why not to go vista right now, but then again why not? After service packs are introduced and after bugs are fixed, people will eventually start moving towards it - maybe not now, but windows xp is not here for good....just like 95 merged into 98, into 2000, into ME (eh...), into xp - xp will slowly or eventually be phased out

and for those of you whod want to transform xp into vista - check this out: http://www.windowsxlive.net/index.php?page_id=15

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Not trying to offend here, but please don't spell Linux like that.  It's disrespectful to Linus Torvalds.  :wink:

Vista is a vast improvement over XP.  Sure, its a bitch of a system hog, but it actually runs faster and smoother overall.  (assuming your running the right system).  The main problem with Vista, is that M$ reversed their method of software development.  Instead of listening to what their users wanted, they looked at what the market wanted.

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