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2 Connections 1 USB the Other Ethernet??


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ok friend has a motoola modem, his rents pc is hooked via usb cable on the modem and his pc is hooked via ethernet. They both wont work online for some reason. I had him unplug everything for 2 minutes to reset and it still didnt work. only on the usb, any idea how to get the ethernet on to work?

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Your ISP only assigns 1 ip per CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). You'll want a router to "share" that ip with your other computers, therefore, it decides to give out it's own ip addresses...(192.x.x.)

Ok his rents PC can only connect via USB since it is old. Can he do this? Have his rents PC hooked up via USB, and then the ethernet cable to the router and then do it that way?

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Well as the written rule above stands, I've wondered about that myself. Their program provisions the HFC mac id, not the USB. Nor any Serial number or anything that of the Router. (3rd pty).

So not using the hfc mac, and using usb instead...it's worth the try.

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