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Ping time


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hi rebos

sorry i am totally lost with ur sentence could u pre rephrase it for me ?

Satellite connection is going to have high ping and not sure how good it will be good for using VoIP

what is ur ping 1400ns is that 140ms ?

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1400 ms he is saying...

You won't be able to use Vonage on that Satallite connection.. too slow...

he was wondering if he could reduce his ping time to be able to use vonage, and that answer is no. you cant unless you get a faster ISP

funny thing happened the other day... i was at my uncles and one of his friends came over that had comcast.. my uncle has huges...he said "this internet is REALLY slow, who is his provider?" i respond ... "Walk with me, and i will show you... i took him outside and pointed up... and said... do you see that wayyy up there? he says: no...  me: yup, thats spacenet!

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I feel your pain. Fellow Wildblow user here. They implemented a new traffic shaping called DAMA in November that put the pings in the crapper. Even if you are on the new satellite that is not loaded you will still have bad ping times. Not really anything you can do about it though. To be honest though Vonage didn't really work that well before DAMA. It worked, but there was a long delay before the voice started coming through.

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