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While I know a bit about xp I never messed with the looks of it. Well I changed the wallpaper but that was about it. This is not vista. Its xp pro. Sure learned a ton doing this. It was kinda tough to figure out some of the stuff. Yea I got it backed up in a big way don't wanna do this kind of moding again!  :haha: But I probally will  :idiot2:

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Probally spent a few weeks tracking down the software I wanted. There are so many flipping choices. The way I got the drives to apear like vista was a small free prgram I just kinda triped across. I went with stardock stuff. There object dock and window blinds. As I triped across diffrent Icons I liked I saved them aside. I really like the stop light for the recycle bin.

I used touch of glass for window blinds but hated the start button. Took me a few days to figure out how to change it. Now That I have everything together and organized, backed up. To start from square one, I could probally do it in less than a hour. The window blinds I changed the button on is saved as well.

I learned long time ago back up. Cause in my quest to become a geek I have hit the microsoft xp oh S#@& button several times. Thats the button that says "are you sure you wanna aply these changes" I hit yep. Oh S#@&!!!! Where is my xp disk. Time to reload windows again.  :cheesy::haha:

Total cost was 40.00 for windowblinds and object dock. Everything else was free. I myself got a better deal than paying 40.00 bucks. Thats all im saying about that I plead the 5th.

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