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how many svchost.exe's?


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how many svchost.exe's do you guys have runnin on your computers?

I have 6 running now.  :evil2::oops::twisted:  is this normal?

Also i'm getting alot of little lag shots, in a system wide sense..maybe the 2 are related?

It is very possible that the svchost and the lag are related.  What svchost is/does is load DLLs into memory on start up for services.  So when you boot your computer, this process looks in the registry and sees what services you need running.  The reason, or at least the one that I ran across for so many, is that some programs require different services to be bound for a program to work. 

yeah i have 6. one of them can be a right bugger, the one that runs windows update.

Yes, Automatic Updates does consume a large chunk of RAM and is under a svchost.exe heading.  If you disable Automatic Updates you can see a slight performance increase.  This really only applies if your computer is up for extended amounts of time.  Also make sure that if you disable Automatic Updates that you at least update your computer manually every so often.

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sorry for the delay in posts..busy week..

I run WinXP Pro SP2

the lag was actually from gettin port scan/active responses out the a**. 

the point about disabling auto updates has kinda caught my attention though.  I havent been able to update in a LOOONG time (Error number: 0x8DDD0004) and so i turned off my autoupdate.  but is it normal for LUCOMS~1 to still run anyways?  i was under the impression that this is the windows update program so if updates are off...should it still run every once in awhile?

as far as error 0x8DDD0004... i've looked all through the MS crud i could see on this error with no results so its probably something i will have to take care of next time i format.

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