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Icehockey World Championship semifinal Canada - Sweden


who will win? and what score?  

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  1. 1. who will win? and what score?

    • Canada
    • Sweden

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Sweden defending the World Championship Gold medal from 2006, stats still point for a Canadian win, Sweden has many new "no name" players, and in the past loosed most of the games to Canada. still i think it will very close game

what do you think?

I have to hope and tip for a Swedish win, i say 5-4 to Sweden, unfortunately i cant watch the game, will be on a concert at that time :(

VanBuren :)

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aww 4-1 win for Canada, as i said i couldnt see the game, just a few min in 3rd period

from those minutes and what i read in the news, Swedes gameplay didnt work at all, i think these new guys gets too "shaky" facing Canada, we always has hard to win over them

good luck in the final Canada, it was a deserved win!

VanBuren :)

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:icon_scratch: Apparently you guys watch more hockey than me. Is having a Lundqvist on your team good?  :uglystupid2::haha: I guess it is.

:haha: :haha: :haha:

Yea...he's the goalie that won it for them last year...and the goalie for my local team the NY Rangers :smiley:

yea but not in this World Championship, i may be wrong, but i think i heard that this team has only 1 swede that been overseas in NHL

VanBuren :)

Ohh yea..I heard something about that :uglystupid2:

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