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Can I do any better? Thanks.


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We recently got upgraded to 15/768 with RoadRunner. Running XP Pro/Firefox usually. I never was able to quite get the old advertised speed of 8000/568; wondered if anything could be adjusted for these new speeds.

Thanks for any help-



Currently using 921600 DefaultReceiveWindow/ 84224 DefaultSendWindow/ 52560 GlobalMaxTCPWindowSize

Be happy to provide any other information that might help. I'm using cablenut btw.

Thanks again.

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Thanks. I always seem to be just under what is claimed.

I didn't even know about the speed increase until I read it over at Broadband Reports. But I'm not complaining. I actually missed Adelphia until today  :haha:

Thanks again for the quick reply-


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Thanks- appreciate that. I'll try those suggestions out.

Best regards as usual,

onestep2  :icon_salut:

you need to add a TCP overhead to your score, around 7%

1.07x14757 = 15789,99 Kbps

thats very good

if you still like to test anything, you can try changing the TcpWindowSize and GlobalMaxTcpWindowsize to 64240

VanBuren :)

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