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Problems with cable/charter


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Greetings all.

Im currently subscribed to charters 3 mb/s high speed cable plan, but am frustrated with my results of speed.  At this time, I am trying to deduce if the problem is on my end or theirs.  I can run a speed test, and get a 500 kb/s download speed.  Then run it again, and will be at 100 kb/s then run it again and be at 50/ kbs and so on and so on.  Main problem is consistency.  I recently wiped my hard drive, loaded up all drivers and such, so I know that I am virus free.  Im too lazy to post exact stats atm, but I am running a fairly high end machine.  I have both tcp optimizer and cable nut, but I have had no luck as far as my speeds go.  (There is a decent chance I am using them incorrectly)  So basically, I am going to listen to any advice here, and try everything possible, before I deem this something on there end and call (calling charter is probably the most painful experience in life, there customer service is horrible :D)  I am capable of getting decent speeds for cable internet, but the problem is that speed comes and goes, sometimes lasting for days, sometimes hours, sometimes, minutes. Anyways, thanks in advance, I'll do my best to post all info needed.  Thanks

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Something i just did, Fixed my recent connection issues (using Charter).

I used a different coax cable to my modem, Then Plugged it into my Surge protector from the wall socket. It Changed the power level. it was running at -9 dBmV now its -3 dBmV and working like an angel

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