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TestMy .... Latency?

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I would like to see added to testmy another field with averages also, for keeping latency information.

IMHO this could help folks figure what system is best for gaming, using VPN over, etc.  Personally I am currently on WildBlue.net (cable install was quoted at $25,000US and DSL over $100,000US --- not in my budget!).  The download speed is pretty good, the upload is pretty bad and the latency is horrible.  The latency precludes us from using IPphone technology (no caller ID in this area even on land lines - BellSouth/now AT&T, at least how ours is implemented, is pretty bad - even modems cannot work at over 24kbps per the phone company people due to issues with the phone lines in this area).

Where we live there is not much choice.  But recently sprintpcs has evdo available in the area and I am considering switching.  The typical speeds are reported as similar to WildBlue according the the testmy.net database, but I would like to know how the latency is!

Thanks for listening.

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