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Are you going to get a IPhone


Are You Getting an Apple IPhone  

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I will not be getting one..  The main reason is that I have a Samsung Blackjack.. The other is that Apple doesn't have a great v.1 track record.  Look at all of the problems with the iPods and MacBooks.  If I were to get one it would be around the holiday season when the deals are bound to be better.

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Unconfirmed: but i heard from some 1 that is deep in samsung that 3/5 of the blackjacks phone have at least one service call on them (note that doesnt always mean there defecting it could just b some1 that forgott how to do something)

Thats still a lot

he told me the return/exchange rate for that one phone is very high extremely high i wont put a number out there cause its unconfirmed

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As far as the Blackjack goes...  I would not be shocked about ahigh return rate.  I am currently answering this on a Cingular blackjack.. It is not the simplest phone on the face of the planet.

Just to add something to the iPhone madness.. There was an ebay auction for a 30GB version that, when pulled, was sitting at $800.

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Just got a Treo 700wx a few months ago and I am with Sprint which may or may not get it. So I guess that is a no for me.

Sprint will definitely not be getting it, which sucks because sprint has the fastest network.

You might not even be able to unlock it to T-Mobile. Apple and AT&T are doing some funny things with like No Sim Card.

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I have been w/ Nextel for at least 8-9 years, I could stand to see an internet capable device w/ all the goodies on it in the form  of an iphone, but I don't see it happening as they don't need the business. Hell , the U.S. military uses them so why would they try to drum up more customers by gimmicky features.

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