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Lost Internet


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Hello, I just restarted my other computer, And when it came back on, It was saying a local area cable is unplugged. But the cable is connected firmly in the back of the computer and the router port it has always been in. Just I no long receive the ability to do anything Via the internet. On the router the lights lit up And the network card is said to be working fine just it will not connect to the internet it continuously says Network cable unplugged. I'm thinking possibly it was registry based because I ran a registry mechanic and restarted after a few hours, and it no long worked, but it might be something completely different.

Any help is deeply appreciated and I can give more information if needed

---- Supreme1

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Actually as i look at it again it seems as though the port i was using blew. Oddly enough i just ordered a new router on Thursday so maybe it will come tomorrow. Unless a single port isn't capable of blowing out I'm chocking that up to be the cause. A confirmation is appreciated saying yes a single port can stop working. Thanks folks.

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