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How long did it take you to get to 1000 posts?


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Play nice girls.  :evil6: I dont know how long it took me. I was alot slower before I was promoted to mod. I tried to put in as much time as possible after that due to the amount of trust that was placed on me by CA3LE. :grin2:

:downtown: Ooops edit  :2funny:
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Probably not too long. Just find interesting things to post on. Or try to find things that really get things going.

In fact start up a drywall repair thread mudmanc. Might get a few that way, and help out those who arre cluess or just needing help.  :grin2:

I got many of mine debating several things. Religion, patriotism, helping out on techy stuff, Should Puerto Rico be a state?, etc...  :smiley:

So many topics so long ago. And usually cholla was right in the middle of it too. Sure do miss Tex.  :-|

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