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Down with T.W.C. and rr

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As a former Adelphia customer I must say that Adelphia did provisioned my modem (as well with others on the 6Mbps768Kbps pkg.) overhead so that we were actually a lil bit overcapped (take a look at my sig, that's from Adelphia), unlike T.W.C. now I am back to about 5600Mbps740Kbps and that's here in Buffalo N.Y.. So piss on rr and T.W.C., the moment Verizon's FiOS is available here I am DROPPING T.W.C. and their BS rr and BS commercials that rr is soooo fast.


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all cable ISP's are like this dont let anyone fool you  :wink2:  my ISP offers 30/5 like verizon fios but i dont get 30/5 its more like 20mb to 25mb down and 2mb to 4.5mb up if i'm lucky. 

Thats not necessarily true.. When i first got TWC here,  I had the 3 / 256 package. twas the shit back in its day i assure you, and i used to easily pull 3.7 , 3.8 + down all the time.. now that i got all these ya'hoos moved in around me i barely touch my cap.

:sigh: i miss being the only one on my kernal  :cry2:

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and thats how it was when the 30/5 package was first rolled out i was always at 29mb 4.5 to 4.8 mb up and now its all over and some days are good and some days are bad but  when the people are on it sucks and thats how every cable isp is.  sure your area might be ok now but wait a while and see what happens when your area get more populated and you'll see what i am talking about.

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