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Always wanted to see this happen!


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Marriage proposal rejected during basketball halftime show

WCAU-TV 10 Philadelphia | Submitted by: Sketch

"At this weekend's Indiana Pacers-Washington Wizards game, a woman's reaction to a man's marriage proposal stuns an expectant crowd. The apparent proposal came at the end of a halftime contest on the Wizards home court Saturday night. The woman was blindfolded, sent out on the court, and told if she could find a local bank's mascot, she would win free Wizards tickets... The man appeared from the bank mascot's costume, grabbed a microphone and then got down on one knee. As he began to speak to the woman, she paused and grabbed her face in shock." [And then she said no.]

Oh yeah think that is messed up I would definitely sign up for Pay-Per-View on this!!!

46% of Americans crave PPV Osama, Saddam executions

MSNBC | Submitted by: Amnesty International Rules!

"Two-thirds of Americans polled last month said they support the idea of televising executions - and 21 percent said they

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