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need some help with proxomitron guide......


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I really need your help guys and gals. Below is a rough copy of a guide to use proxomitron. Anything you can ad would be greatly aprciated. Some stuff Im missing is how to set it up for internet explore. While It probally will be of little use to firefox users ya never know, so that would help as well. Also any tweaks or settings in proxomitron itself that need or should be changed that are not set by default. Thanks guys!! Of course I will give you all credit.

  I can not and will not take credit for the information below. I just found some here and there on the internet and compiled it to make it a bit easier to run and use proxomithon.

To make it a bit easier to understand. Proxomithon works just like admuncher. Only Proxomithon is free. Works great at blocking adverstisement and banner ads on the net.

I find so many avoid proxomithon (myself included) because the just don't understand how to use it. I hope this guide will simplify the set up and use of it. Sadly the maker of proxomithon passed away a few years ago. I promise it still works great even today with vista and xp. This guy was Smart. Udated filter lists can still be downloaded and used to this very day.

Setting Proxomithon up for Opera version 9.

Open Opera browser

Type....opera:config#Proxy in the url bar. Automatic proxy configuration url stays blank

Enable http 1.1 for proxy put a check mark in the box

Ftp Server...... localhost:8080

Gopher server..... localhost:8080

HTTP Server...... localhost:8080

HTTPS Server..... localhost:8080

No Proxy servers..... localhost:8080

Put a checkmark in the box next to "use http"

The rest of boxes stay unchecked.

Hit the save button, Restart opera.         

                     For Maxthon2 Browser

Open Maxhon2 and then go to "Tools->Proxy->Proxy Setup Menu" of Maxthon2 and select "Add".

Then you give the following details:           

Name: Proximitron

Address: localhost:8080

Type: HTTP

Then select OK and close the Proxy Setup window. Then set the Proximitron proxy active by selecting it from "Tools->Proxy->Proximitron".

It might be necessary to close and restart Maxthon2 for the setting to actually take effect.

                      For Maxthon Browser

Open Maxthon

Go to Options,proxy,proxy setup

Hit the green plus sign on the left side of the box that is open,

Ad the following information

Name: Proximitron

Address: localhost:8080

Type: HTTP

To start your browser when you start proximitron.

Open Proximitron......configure.....startup tab.....run entry below when

proxomiton starts...then browse to your browser exe file.

A caution......once you set your browser with the above settings, your browser will not work corectly unles proximitron is running. So if proximitron is not running and you open your browser, you will see "page could not be found"

Ok now you need to install the filter list.


Download the files, open it up, run the exe file and your all set. Check the site from time to time for filter updates, download the new filter list and run the exe file. No need to uninstall the previous list. It will just overwrite the old list.

For latest opera proxo filter list. Go to opera forums....software.....look for Proxomitron:highly flexible thread started by tamil. Look at the very last page of the thread. You will find a link to the latest version there. It is the same as the grypen set only with a few tweaks just for opera.

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Thats a great way to describe what proxithon does. I will forsure use that. Yea before I get blasted. I know tons of spelling, grammer and such. Its just a ruf draft.

Sure hope you all can offer some useful and helpful information. As well I am open to ideas and suggestion. I can not stress this enough though. Please don't use this guide to help yourself set up proxithon as of yet. More info and such forsure needs to be added.

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