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arent torrents to movies illegal? if so then isnt it against rules to ask for a download of it on the forums?  :wink:

not sure, just wondering.....

For the most part you are right. You can discuss it all you want but you cannot post a direct link to the torrent or attach it here. CA3LE wants you guys to talk about whatever you want as long as the site cannot be held responsible.  :grin2:
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all i wanted to know is if any one has found one yet

you dont have to tell me where im just tired of looking and not knowing if its out there

:wink: Relax man its alright. To answer you yes there is a legit working one out there. IMO the best place to get torrents are private trackers at invitation only websites. They are hard to get into but you can get in.  :wink::grin2:
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WOW!!! Aqua teen hunger force movie. Ok im old, and don't watch much t.v. What is a aqua teen hunger force?? God I miss bugs bunny and the roadrunner......beep.......beep......

Aqua Teen is the stupidest garbage of a confusing tv show but is so very very funny. I love it. Its about a order of fries a milkshake and a meatball that all live together. They torture their unemployed neighbor and fight with aliens. Its the shit.
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