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TrackingCookies that keeps coming back.


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TrackingCookies that keeps coming back.

Download the free version Spyhunter 2.9

No need to buy or register.

Turnoff your antivirus coz it may interfere with the installlation process.


Scan your pc.

List the Location of the Trojan or viruses.


Press F8 before windows pops-up.

choose safemode.

Look at your list where you put your viruses.

Search for the registry and c:/windows/system32.

Clean the c:/windows/temp  -------- files inside the folder.

close it.

Open IExplorer/Firefox etc.

Clear cache, history, cookies, etc.

Close it.

Reboot on normal operation.

Scan again using spyhunter and afterwards your antivirus scanner.

It should be clean. If not, you might have miss some location. scan again and do again the listing, rebooting,deleting,rebooting process...

Its funny that this aint figure out by symantec. It takes a untechy person to do this..

Iam glad i could help you guys having this TrackingCookies.



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By the way, symantec makes great coaster disc's.  :grin:

They also make real good degree wheels for a 66' Triumph  :evil6:

I really don't approve of defacing a company name, but damn , these guy's have taken the honor.  I have heard way more complaints about te software than anything good.

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I do have them on my computer before but after reading some and comparing some... I manage to delete it manually.

Iam just sharing this info to others that might have difficulties in terms of deleting the "Vondu" virus thing. Because sy*antec seems not reliable enough for me. they do have this particular virus removal tool for that specific virus and after scanning, the removal tool seems not detecting the virus.and so the result may let you think that your comp is clean but in reality, its infected.that is why iam sharing this piece of info to peeps.


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That, or there was really nothing wrong, and a "untechy" person is fooled by programs like Ad-Aware that claims these "tracking cookies" are spyware. My dad also runs Ad-Aware quite often and always wonders how he gets so much spyware on there, thinking somebody must be doing something wrong.

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