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Wireless Channels


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Try moving you're computer closer to your wireless router to get a better signal, Objects like tv's with antenna's have been known to disrupt wireless signals. Although you could just buy a new antenna for the wireless router, or get a cable and direct connection for maxim speed. But if you're stealing the cable, I recommend not talking about you're connection ;]

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you may want to use a wifi 802.11 scanner application like NetStumbler

and use an rf channel that is not in use by other 802.11 routers within your line of sight

myself on my netgear router I use rf ch 2 and works well

cordless tel's and other devices may interfer with the signal or channel you are using

so play around and get/use a rf ch. that gives you the best signal and connection speed

good luck

my 2 cents - jeff

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The reason for the different channels id to comabt interference between other wireless networks and devices that run in the same 2.4Ghz range.  I have always move my equipment off of channel 6 to 11 because the speeds are a little better and the high/low channels are normally a littlw cleaner as far a other devices go.

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