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Downstream is spiking after Cablenut tweak.

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I have RoadRunner "turbo", which has recently been upgraded to 15/1 (well almost 1), I had noticed a ton of choke in certain games. It dawned on me that I had installed cablenut about 4 years ago when I first got broadband. Since that time my downstream has increased from 500KB/s to 650KB/s to 900KB/s and now it's up to 1770KB/s and I had never adjusted anything in cablenut. I downloaded the newest version, googled for 15/1 .ccs settings, and I found one that VanBuren had done I think. I initially tried speedtest.net, and got good results, then I tried Day of Defeat:Source and my choke was gone. All seemed right with the world.

Shortly thereafter I tried to DL a few things of my newsgroups and I noticed that the progress was jerky. Typically each connection would have it's progress bar fill steadily and I stayed right around 1650-1775KB/s. Now it spikes and dips, anywhere from 1200KB/s to 1850KB/s, seems very unstable. I'm just curious as to what variable would cause that particular sort of action. I even tried switching to a different article on the newsgroups and even reverted to my ISP's newsgroup server and the results were the same. Again I apologize if this is covered elsewhere but the syntax for searching something like this escaped me. If you need test results or anything let me know and I will get them posted when I am not at work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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