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Verizon FIOS and hardwired Windows 2000 connection problem


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I just was installed with Fios and triple-play router, I have a working XP, but my Internet Explorer on the second Win2K machine can't connect to any Internet sites. The home network is working fine and I can ping anything on the Internet from DOS, with as Gateway and DNS, I can share files and open websites from Win2k on the home network only. I tried with both IE and Firefox and tried by IP address or by site name, same results. I have no proxy configured on Win2k or in the browser. Also, I ran httpwatch on the Win2k box and it resolves the Internet site successfully, but shows "no connection" when attempting to retrieve a page by IP address. I have done ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and also checked that win2k is using DHCP. I did ipconfig /all comparing between XP and win2k. Gateway and DNS settings are identical, the only difference is TCP Node Type equals Hybrid in XP and same Node Type equals Broadcast in Win2k. MTU on Win2k is also set to 1500.

When turning on Security trace on the router, I see Blocked Incoming Packet message from the internet website to my home network Win2k's IP. The real clue here, I feel, is the router security log clearly stating "Blocked - Invalid incoming packet Yahoo's IP >", this is probably in response to HTTP GET by IP, but I don't know why this happens. Also, I made firewall settings 'Minimal' on the router, which did not help.This machine previously worked thru Cable modem and Lynksys router.

Any help is appreciated.

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