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photoshop honda s2000...almost done


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in certain lighting conditions its very hard to create a realistic looking effect - like for example....

changing the color from blue to black that simple...anything thats related to white or black is generally hard(or at least harder) ... so from any color to white/black or from white/black to any other color - its probably the trickiest thing...especially when trying to make the color look realistic - now if i was lets say cartooning the car it would be a different scenario..ill show you what i mean when I get home from work...i have a perfect example

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if you get a chance just play with it....it becomes addictive fast ;) its one of those things like: you start playing with it, you see what it can do...soon you are staying up 3am on a school night trying to make something cool.....its a hobby pretty much - or a job for some people

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