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I need serious help with my email SPAM RELATED HELP


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I have been getting all kinds of emails that are spam, but mainly they are from many different accounts never the same one. here is the what the email contains

bowmen amoco  demarcate amatory.  carbone bogging bangkok arkansas  boy abrupt.  alizarin barney

councilwoman  board  curran cytolysis   bookseller  blowfish bequeath.   chinaman  cretan delicacy  chrysolite catherine  aaron    dense.

What the hell is that? I have searched yahoo and stuff for spam with random words and all i come up with is hash buster or something. how can i get rid of this S#!t?

thanks guys.

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The way that this works is the spammer send you an email..  The reason for the different words is to get around email scanners.  Since just about no ISPs implement blacklists on their mail servers.  As soon as the email is delivered you are on a mailing list.  What the senders are looking for are emails that go through and dont bounce.  Which is why spam is so hard to defeat.  Well this and the use of SMTP as the transfer protocol. 

So how do you prevent this?  The best way is to filter on your computer.  The is no way that an ISP is going to do any filtering on you account.  The best way would be to setup a personal email server if you have more than 10 or so people at you company.  Might be over kill for a personal user but you would learn a ton about the email system.

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Or try


with a spam bouncer. It will take care of it if you bounce it back regularly.  :grin2:

Works great.

Bouncing spam back is not effective and just creates more crap on the internet. More than likely the "reply to" in the email is spoofed so you just end up bouncing it to an innocent inet user creating more spam or to a non existent user.

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Actually it is effective. It has cleaned mine out more than once.

And now it is my problem to police the net? Don't care where it goes, as long as it is not in mine.  :smiley:

Actually its not effective at all.

Unless you mean by effective it leaves your box. It does that,but it rarely goes back to the actual sender. I guess its ok if you dont mind it bouncing around the internet going nowhere or worse bouncing back to some innocent unspecting user whos email address was spoofed because most spam has a forged reply to address. So I guess if you dont mind being part of the problem, you could call this effective.

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I promise. I am NOT trying to rub salt in the wound. Get yourself a generic e-mail account from hotmail or yahoo. Use that one for all your internet stuff. You can block the spam from there.

Then use another account for friends and family. Always treat e-mail like your phone number. One number for the garbage calls, One number for friends and family.

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Bouncing spam is effective otherwise there would be no market for spam filters and blacklist services.  It does create extra traffic on the internet but if an entire server bunces it the error sent back will be smaller than the original message sent from the spammer.

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