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Funny since cable DOCSIS 2.0 isnt even able to go to 45 let alone 100mb.

DOCSIS      Downstream                Upstream

1.x            42.88 (38) Mbit/s          10.24 (9) Mbit/s

Euro          57.20 (51) Mbit/s          10.24 (9) Mbit/s

2.0            42.88 (38) Mbit/s          30.72 (27) Mbit/s

3.0          +480 Mbit/s                  +120 Mbit/s

All though it would be nice have the 3.0 but it was just released in 2006 and i doubt that HSC companies will speed the money to upgrade.

get rid of buisness unless you need it...

me just signed up for it in buffalo 3 months ago 29.99 and premier 39.99 for 2 years i never known the speeds would ever hit this high .i was on buisness dsl for a long time paying what you paying now 7.1meg connection...

I talk to a tech @ROADRUNNER he says it'll be 30meg soon and then two other packages for a higher price 45meg and a 100meg ,there trying to keep things going (they know VERIZON FIOS IS OUT THERE)

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hey post an upload plz

Sorry for the late response. Here is a result from Speedtest.net


And Upload From here.


I get about 4600-4700 upload on the Verizon speed test so I am not getting my whole upload but I am not going to complain. I only pay 45.99 a month. RR only offers 10/2 for 49.99 here. You might get that if you are lucky.

FiOS is a wondeful thing.

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