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Comcast Voice SBV5220 speed help

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just got hooked up to comcast voice, with EMTA Motorola SBV5220 unit.  had old cablenut settings for my old SB4200 motorola modem, and my test speeds were garbage, so deleted cablenut settings, and retested.  speeds were better, but not anywhere near what i was running before.

is there a ccs file for a setup like this to up my speeds?

help appreciated, as always


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comcast set the modem up, it's for VOIP, and internet....previously, with the old modem i was pulling about 16mb download, with cablenut ccs file loaded.  when the new modem was installed, and with the cablenut ccs file still loaded the speeds went down to about 3mb, so then i removed the ccs file, and retested, speeds up to about 11mb, but looking to get back to the 16mb i had.

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now it's not a speed issue but an even more serious problem, disconnect!

it doesn't matter whether i have a browser open, or am just at the desktop, after any random amount of time i get disconnected.  if i try to open up mail, the browser, or go to another web site, there is a slight delay and then "server not found" disconnect error.

i have tried to "repair" network connection but this fails as well.  only way to solve the problem is to reboot, but then, at random times (maybe 5 minutes or 2 hours) the same problem occurs.

i have ran spyware, ad-aware, virus, nothing!  i have turned off comodo firewall, same problem.  i have unloaded ccs files, same problem.  i have rebooted modem, same problem.

the only thing different on my computer is the sbv5220 modem.  prior to this modem i had the sb4220 and never had this problem.

have posted in comcast forum but so far none of the suggestions have helped.  (make sure nic is not on power save, rebooted the modem to see if new firmware available, unplugged and turned off modem/computer, rebooted.

any suggestions?



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never could figure out the problem, so called comcast. tech showed up the next day, and in his hands a new Arris TM502G modem, which he swapped out with the troublesome Motorola sbv5220.

some minutes later i was up and running, left the internet running the entire day, through the night and this morning, a total of 19 hours without a single disconnect.

don't know if it was just my modem, or the sbv5220 in general, but the Arris modem was the solution.

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