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Just a short note. Not all steroids are a bad thing. With the recent death of chris and throwing around the word "steroids" allot, most will assume they are all a bad thing.

So if you go to your doc, and they wanna put you on a steroid type med, Don't get all flipped out. Not all steroids are the same. There are some that are used by wrestlers to bulk up. There are countless others who take them for Asthma, and other various medical conditions with no ill side effects.

Just don't lump the word "steroid" with body builers, and wrestling and death. Steroid's are a drug,and there are countless drugs that contain steroids,  Some are used for valid reasons. Others are abused for all the wrong reason.

My kid's doc wanted to put him on a steroid medicine, he refused because he was scared. I just don't want this to happen to you guys.

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anabolic steroids (male hormones)...r the ones that body builders use to build muscle mass...but all steroids r hormones and r produced naturally in ur body but r also produced synthetically...it's the use that determines good or bad...

three main steroid groups...

corticosteroids...these r the ones used in most medications for inflamation

estrogens and progestogens...female hormones used in birth control

androgens...male hormones...this the category that anabolics fall under for muscle growth...but it's also used to treat breats cancer

so yeh it depends on what type and what it's being taken for

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