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iPhone Speed Tests


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Here are the speedtest scores off my iPhone using the edge network. It works better outside then in my apartment. I get about 200-220kbps outside,

Most sites load with in a reasonable amount of time on it when using EDGE. If i use wi-fi it goes real fast






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seriously dont understand why they didnt deploy 3G - EVDO or HSDPA on those phones

download is not bad but anyone sending an email which is not text will struggle with that upload

Its because HSDPA is only in like 200 cities. EDGE is every wear. I think they will add an adapter for HSDPA eventually. At least there is wi-fi tho.

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Yeah wifi is nice.. but it eats battery like cookie monster.  I have read some of the horror stories about how long activation is taking on the att forums.

I read some of those too, It seems that most of the problems are when AT&T needs to transfer the number from your old phone to the iPhone. that took the longest for me.

And the wifi doesnt eat up as much battery as i though it would. I still get the 7 - 8 hrs of constant usage.

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Speaking of the battery, I heard that it  was nearly impossible to replace the battery, Is this correct?

yea its just like the ipod battey, you have to send it back. But ive heard that it will get 800 - 1200 charges before you have to replace it. so that is a few years if not more.

I haven't charged mine yet. And it came with about a 1/2 full battery so you might now have to charge it every day.

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I was just reading articles about iPhone and I've come to realize few things.......I think that apple fell short on making it a phone, but rather concentrated on making it a high-tech gizmo - ill give them the ipod, they did a decent job, definitely, but it isnt my sort of a thing - not a lot of us need 40gb of music on the go, but thats not the point now....

in my opinion apple fell short on the following things:

- no 3g

- no removable battery (....for some reason im just not surprised with this)

- no picture messaging (okay, why not !?)

- 2mp camera

- no vid. recording (ouch)

- no fm radio

- no gps

- no voice recognition / dialing (....come on!)

now...you might go and say, hey do you really need a 2mp camera on a phone ? do you really need fm radio ? or picture messaging or even gps ? ........not really - i don't need any of that - but the point is most of those things are a standard nowdays and since you are looking to spend good money on a phone, shouldnt it have those features !?

im not bashing the iphone, but i was rather researching it to find out more info about what it has to offer and what it fell short on - the conclusion ive come across is that you will probably find it interesting and cool because it most certainly is - i played with it, its fun, but it falls short when comparing to the actual phone industry nowdays

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Most of those can be and will be added in updates here very shortly.

Apple has said that they wanted a solid set of apps for the launch of the phone that will work every time, and they will be adding a bunch more over the coming weeks.

A bunch of really cool things will be coming when OS X leopard comes out in October.

I think that 3G HSDPA will aslo be available with a little adapter that plugs into the bottom sometime when at&t gets it in more cities.

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  • 4 weeks later...

wait til ours is up...we're gonna kick the competitions ass out the window...

just- tell me will our iphone speed test work with any mobile phone or just an iphone...i keep forgetting to ask that question...now is as gooda time as any...

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