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Server Transfer


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Glad everyting is finallt moved around to where it should be.. The site seems more responsive as a whole, which is always good. 

Thanks for noticing, I totally agree.  I couldn't be more happy with the end result.  I wasn't very happy DURRING the transfer but the end result makes it all worth while  :-P

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That is not going to happen, None of the big dedicated webhosts use IPV6 yet.

I was hoping V6 was supported

but understood

ps : pm you with ?? in a few

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for jews...kosher or kasher

fit or allowed to be eaten or used, according to the dietary or ceremonial laws..."ritually fit or pure" (especially of food), 1851, from Yiddish  "fit, proper, lawful,"  "was suitable, proper." General sense of "correct, legitimate" is from 1896.

        adhering to the laws governing such fitness


proper; legitimate.

genuine; authentic


The term can also be used colloquially to mean anything acceptable:

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