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Canopy Screwing Up!

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I have posted that topic before.

First you are going to do is to have the MAC address of the Canopy.

For example the mac address is 00:0C:F1:83:23:C7,

next is to convert the last 3 hex numbers to decimal,

83 ----> 131

23 ----> 35

C7-----> 199

then the IP address of the canopy is

. The 10 is added as the first number in the IP.

To access the canopy,

set TCP/IP to  the Obtain IP address and type for the IP address and Submask: ,

Then access to the browser.

Just curious.. Is there another way at looking at your mac address aside from climbing the roof and checking it? Like, can you see the address by just using the computer itself?


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go to start - run - type cmd - then type ipconfig /all

Its simple:

Command Prompt

Type ipconfig/all

Your physical address is your Mac address

Forget about climbing to your roof  :lol:



Those Smartbro installers didnt give me the box.. I didnt know it  even comes with a box.. Well, thats another reason why to hate smartbro!!

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I have the same problem with grifter, I can't access my canopy page and I cannot climb up to see the MAC address of my canopy manually. I wish there is a program that can detect my canopy MAC address. btw is there anyone here that actually used the reset plug? I'm afraid that will be my only solution, use a reset plug :cry: 

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i can't access my SM settings.. ( i already tried using MAC method.. is there any other method?

:grin: this is kinda like forum shopping lols.

anyways, here's my reply:

yes, but risky. its the canopy default/override plug. i will refer you to this forum topic:


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