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Canopy Screwing Up!


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guys, if you got free samples then to who else will he sell them? lets just buy them when he produces them, im sure they're not that expensive.

as i posted, the plugs are very affordable. it is the searching that costs much.

the plugs are in the making. i will post the price somewhere coz i might violate forum rules here in tm.n

we will make sure it's affordable for everyone.

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@coolbuster2007 - maybe they have upgraded your base station too if they upgraded your canopy firmware. i'll ask if i can have that too.

nah. i think what they did to my canopy sm (software) is downgrade it. after i asked a personal friend of mine who happens to be the installer to give me the best he can offer.

so my advise is befriend the installers hehehe.

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