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Wireless Problem

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I just bought a new laptop yesterday. It uses a REALTEK RTL8185 WLAN utility.

For the access point, I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router. I currently have another desktop set up using the wireless connection from the router. However, I cannot get my laptop to detect the wireless broadcast from the router. I've already tried uninstalling the driver for it on my laptop and reinstalling it. Still doesnt work... How can I fix this problem? Thanks.

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Eh. Couldn't find the modify button so I'll just make another post...

I'm pretty sure that the wireless broadcast from the router works, since my other desktop (with a Linksys wireless reciever plugged into it) can detect the broadcast and use it, from over 20 feet away.

However, the laptop can't detect the broadcast from less than a foot away from the router.. So I'm thinking something's wrong with the laptop =/ Grr.

Oh. And the exact thing is called "Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless Lan Network Adapter", if it helps at all.

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The problem is that for any network taffic you need CPU cycles for anything to work.  The best thing that you can do is to turn the screen off after 3-4 minutes of it being on the screensaver.  Just about all of the laptops after 2000 has had some type of speed stepping for the CPU.  The hard drive should also spin down unless it is needed. 

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yeh i'm hearing more and more about that happening...watching people i've known their whole life lose everything including family, friends, jobs, homes etc but never their computer or their computer connection...sad...

but glad u found ur way out of that maze

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