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hi everyone

i am looking at two computers right now trying to decide which one is better

1. Pentium D Dual Core 2.8ghz each 32 bit

    250 gig hard drive

    1 gig of ddr2 memory

    windows vista premium

computer number two

amd athlon 64 single core 3800

1 gig of ddr2 memory

160 gig hard drive

which of these is the better computer overall speed and processor.

any help would be awsome looking to buy tomorrow.

thanks everyone

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This also would depend on what you plan on using the computer for, if you plan to do a lot of gaming, the AMD would be the best choice, if you plan to use it for developmental reasons , and or rendering , the Pentium would be the choice.

My choice hands down would be the AMD unit, no question.

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dual core in a nutshell:

instead of one core like a normal processor a dual core processor has two cores that process commands. under ideal conditions it will be able to run twice as fast as a single core processor of the same speed.

however, each core represents a thread. and since most apps aren;t set up for multithreading they cannot run on more than one core at once.

there is still an advantage however. dual core cpus can run all the system and housekeeping processes on one core leaving the other completely dedicated to a high powered app.

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Im An AMD person but Intel on this one cause theres very lil support for 64 bit processing as of right now

and two cores is starting to become more of a norm so you will probably c more apps to take advantage of 2 cores than 64 bits in the upcoming years

like it was mention before 1 core can run all the system procces (xp and vista take a lot of computing power to run efficiently )

so the other core can be set up to just run the programs you want and no system processes so your apps will be a lot faster

trust me on this 1 go with 2 cores over 64 bit proccesing

now if u can find dual core from AMD go with that especially if its a dual core 64 bit processor

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