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Dual Boot XP & Redhat Linux 9


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[nerdly] [nerdly]

OK, Just for kicks and knowledge im trying to install redhat 9 on a PC thats already got Xp Pro. Dont want to use Fedora for now!

I've got a separate hard disk (unpartitioned) ready for this but when the setup starts it it ends after probing for the graphics card, monitor and mouse. Tried using "linux noprobe" command with no luck. Also "linux dd" same thing.

It just stops and asks me to restart.

Any ideas?

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Let me show you where it stops. Maybe it will help me get more help.


Waiting for X server to start...log located in /tmp/X.log

1...2...3...4...5...X server started successfully

install exited abnormally

sending termination signals....done

sending kill signals...done

disabling swap

unmounting file systems.....

you may safely reboot your system

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I decided to go with Ubuntu 6.06.1 ...and now im pissed off

It all worked like clockwork. Until today when i turned the PC on. Ubuntu was hanging like crap. I restarted the PC and that was the end of it.


Grub loading stage1.5

Grub loading. Please wait...

Error 21


Now i cant even load XP. I googled and have seen its quite a common problem. Can't make a head or tail what to do from all those answers.  :lol: :lol: I Trust TMN ...

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Guess what..its ok now.

I had set the Linux drive as master and the CD without a jumper. I took out the Linux HDD put the CD jumper back on master and booted again with an XP CD and it worked. I then let the windows setup CD run until the " new folder or delete current windows"..blah blah.. option. Clicked F3(restart0 and my XP is back.

I think my Linux HDD is pǝʍǝɹɔs coz its making noises like theres marbles inside it. LMAO.  :shock: :shock:

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