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best way to format usb flash drive

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer 2GB with ReadyBoost I just copyed the files it had for other programs on it into a folder & put it in Documents .Incase I ever needed them.Then I deleted everything.I did not format it it still works when plugged in even the ReadyBoost.This freed up about another 1/8th gig.

I really didn't notice the ReadyBoost feature improved Vista any so I usually don't use the flashdrive for that.

The only time you might have a problem in Windows 98se & older won't detect the flash drive.

One reason is those OS's use USB 1.0 & newer uses USB 2.0 .

I found a fix for that on the web but it should be used with caution .The reason it wants you to uninstall any other USB program on your PC if possible.

I used it on my old computer with 98SE & it now detects the drive with no problem.

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I have a 2GB flash drive on my minimac. It's usb 2.0 on Vista.& OS X.4.It runs great as a high speed cache/mem...whathave you. My recommendation when you format the disk is FAT32.  I.M.H.O., more systems would be familiar with that format type then NTFS. Which brings to my mind, I need to catch up on the new WINFS...

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Mine may have already been formated NTFS since it required no formatting.I agree on this.My old 98se is formatted FAT32 & the flashdrive has no problem transfering files from my Vista to it.Usually pics or .txt files.

I tried it in a freinds 98se computer & since it was not upgraded to USB 2.0 it would not detect the drive.

This fixed my 98se when it would not detect the flash drive.  nusb31e.exe

Link to download site


I think other sites have it too if you want another site.

I had already installed some newer & matched ASPI files & these may have also helped the detection.No way to know since they were installed before I got the new flashdrive.

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