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20 Steps to Make SmartBro Faster


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whew... I think this tweak is slowly but surely working for me.  :grin:

I've reverted my settings back before when I started using this tweak.. and again, I tried to redo the steps and it kinda worked now...but I'm not that sure coz the test results are different with speedtest and tm.n

Oh anyway, I have reached my 200kbps mark now, before it's like forever at a 80kbps mark.

woot!! Thx.. Just hoping for stability, and an upgrade to WR512 package... and it's all set!  :cheesy:

ugh.. I miss the video streaming..  :smitten:

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@ mapuamj

You'll be able to access the canopy page if you change the network accessibility settings in the IP tab in your canopy page. Check out the screenie..

Hope it helped..

does taht really worked? i'm just making sure so that my net wont be compromised  :lol:

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Then Go to Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings->Use Proxy Server

For Address:


For Port:



it speeds up ur connection, but how??????

try it it worrkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I'm using this one 2 proxy server: proxy.meridian.ph then port 8080 then save.

Improved my downloading, thats what i noticed. I configured this for both firefox & IE 7.

Heard this one from a forum here @ testmy.net

Please check if this setting is valid on your side. No trouble on my browser.

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