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20 Steps to Make SmartBro Faster


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@ Azgauth -  try downloading something, you never know, it might be true.

@ dudeBRO2k7 - cleaning up includes the registry too. and the 20 steps thee are applicable to anyone,even if you haven't tweaked your canopy. i believe it is also applicable to other ISPs.

P.S. Azgauth, did you notice that your taking a test with a different host? it doesn't say smartbro anymore.

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there, i tried removin the proxies... my host reads "smartbro.net"

slower than the usual but still unbelievable speeds... take note, thats direct connection to the internet. no proxy whatsoever.


this ones using the proxy. and i belive these are my real speeds...


and finally, this ones with "auto-detect proxy settings"

(I think i'll use this as my sig pic. handsome speeds... hehe!)


anyway, what should i believe? im slower when using manual speed settings but im waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy faster (as the meter shows) without using any.

is this a gift or a curse?

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what the??.. you guys are comparing specs now? at 3:00 am? get some sleep!

anyway, i won't be sharing my specs, don't want to humiliate myself.

and also, reformatting should be your last resort. when things go wrong, you should just revert to a previous, safer setting. that's what back ups and system restore are for.

@ SiraComputer - about those trial period expiration, you could find a way around it. you mentioned before that you download torrents, try to be resourceful. i don't approve of that method though. for me; its free, or leave it be.

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