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returned my dell...what to get now?


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if you remember this thread... http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=19203.0

then u know i had gotten a dell inspiron. I was on the phone for two hours with dell trying to get it returned and they finally agreed to refund me the entire amount paid including tax. The reason i returned it is that i was under the impression that the video card was 256mb when it was actually 128mb because it used hypermemory.

The money won't get here for a month, the ups guy just came today and picked up my laptop. The dell i got was the old model with the white lining around it, so now i'm kind of thinking i should get the new model of dell's but not i also might get a hp or something, but the good thing about dell is that i get a 6% discount because i am a college student which i didnt know when i bought my first dell..

What is anyone's recommendation on what laptop i should get. I am being returned $1,326. I will probably round that up to $1,400.

Anyway my question is, if i DON'T get a dell, what should i get, or do you recommend i get a dell.

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for one thing, the intel cpus (core2duo) are to be preferred over an amd, especially for a laptop. less power deman, lower temps and fast as heck.

for me one big factor in deciding what to buy would be the warranty. dell charges what, 240 or 280 or something for the 3 year you break it we fix it no questions asked? i have heard the anecdote of the guy that launched his laptop out an upper story window and called dell before going down to pick up the pieces and he had a new machine next day. and from what the 3 year plan states that is actually covered as long as they can't prove you did something to it on purpose.

so i would first of all go out and compare the extended service plans from the vendors you plan to choose the machine from and go from there.

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i think i'm going to get a one year warranty and maybe extend it afterwards. With my college student discount from 17" dell i can get this for $1,435:

Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz/800MHz FSB/4MB cache)

2 GB memory

160 GB 5400rpm hard drive



256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

CD / DVD writer

85Whr Lithium Ion Battery (9 cell)

I hope they hurry with my refund money because i'm leaving to go to Syracuse university around aug. 22 :grin2:

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It is going to be close to get that in time...  I have a few friends that ordered the new inspiron and love it.  One has the black casw cover and the other has ruby red. I myself had an Inspiron 8600, my brother has a 6000 and I now have a latitude D830. 

The only thing that I would warn you of are the cases that the laptops come in.  Dell uses all plastic cases on the Inspiron lines, as does most of the other name brand manufacturers, which in my opinion after a while make the laptop feel cheap.  The reason that I went with the Latitude was for medal chassis, instead of plastic, that the it uses.  If you are into gaming the I wuld check out the XPS line of stuff.  Since you basically have a gaming system spec'ed out and you are using a discount program it might be a good idea to see what one of those would eun you in compairison to the Inspiron.

As far as the Intel vs Amd battle, Intel all the way.  Their power management is superior is ever way. 

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but doesnt that 511mb (256mb dedicated) graphics card have hypermemory...the same thing you hated about your otehr laptop? i'd go with the dell...the one with the 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

yeah thats true. i dont mind hypermemory or turbocache as nvidia calls it. i just wanted a minimum of 256MB dedicated. The card on my returned dell only had 128MB dedicated memory. Here's the site that shows the specs of the two 8600's. The one with turbocache has a faster gpu but less stream processors i dont know what this means.


UPDATE: The benchmarks on notebookcheck.com say the 8600m gt is faster. I think the GT uses turbocache too but not as much.

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I am not a fan of the turbo cache cards either. I have a 6150LE(ick) and it wont run hardly anything. I was going to upgrade it, but the puny little 350 watt power supply doesn't give me much to choose from. :cry:

same here. i have an emachines that has the same thing pretty much...i tried to play bf2 and swat 4 on it.....not happening all that well....
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