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Smartbro Utorrent Setup


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i reach 47 KB/s, only if there are a lot of seeders..

so i think smartbro is not yet limiting utorrent dl, what they restrict is opening a port for utorrent..

it's no question that when you have an open port in your pc, for p2p sharing like utorrent.. it is easier for the other computers to connect to you.. seeders and leechers.. which translate to a better DL

whereas if you don't have an open port.. your computer is set to "choked", and all of the time your pc is doing the remote connection to seeders and leechers..

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also, my DL in bitcomet[i dont use uTorrent] reached up to 80, but my average DL speed is between 50-60 or 40-60.

That average speed is fine enough :)  You're lucky getting that speed.

**Remember torrent downloads depends on peers and seeds.  You'll never get high speed downloads if there's no seeder or peers :)

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BTW, that 1Mbps wired Globe is amazing :shocked:but unfortunately, its wired. Wires are precious to Bagong Silang, my hometown. That's why we don't have telephone wire here.  :cry:

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im using the default settings in bit comet..  have you heard about the patch in tcp to increase the ports open to 50? you need this file to patch your windows.. warning this is for windows xp service pack 2 only.. will not work with service pack 3 and vista.. [url=http://www.turboupload.com/download/qEgf3K7zHuOv/EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip

extract the file and run the patch.. in this window just type the letter "y"


this is the next event..


This warning will pop up just click Cancel


if all is well this is next..


In this window just click "Yes"


be sure you dont have a windows xp cd rom inside your cdrom drives before patching and reminder be sure you have windows xp sp2.. reboot and test your download speed in bitcomet..

im using the latest version of bitcomet ver 0.96

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I hate high upload rate, I'm download a 4 GB file from utorrent, already UPLOADED 10 GB while DOWNLOADED only 2 GB! ETA is 4 Days (not guarranteed)  :angry:

Will decreasing my upload rate to 30 then setting download rate to 50 will increase my DL speed? I've tried it but don't know which is better (high UL or DL rate?)

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