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Smartbro Utorrent Setup


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hey coolbuster i tried to port forward using PFconfig but no result with the download speeds. utorrent always display that triangle thingy in d middle. it doesnt go green.

has anyone been successful to port forward here?



peer guardian 2 (IP Blocker)


:grin2: :grin2: :grin2: :grin2:

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Hey guys!

I got these tips on how to obtain a green tick with your uTorrent. (Disclaimer: Do these at your own risk!). Check it out:

Further Things You Can Try For Optimum Speed

There should be a green tick at the bottom, not a exclamation mark.

To get more peers, right-click the entry on the list, and click Update Tracker. Do this especially if you are on a private tracker before you exit the application, so that your ratio is maintained.

Setting a high upload can sometimes slow down a fast torrent. For example, in my ADSL connection, if I do not upload anything I can get up to 350KB/s. If I upload at 45%, the download speed gets limited to 200KB/s.

This is where you have to experiment by setting a low upload rate (from 15 at Preferences > Network) and watching if the speeds increase, especially if the torrent is heavily seeded.

But remember, you must upload in order for peers to share their downloaded data with you. It is possible to set a very low upload, but the chance of peers sending you their data will decrease, pulling down your download speed.

Some people have reported speed increases by setting the peer.lazy_bitfield setting to false in Advanced Preferences. However, in my case, it lowered the speeds.

Change the Protocol Encryption to Forced. This will force encryption on all outgoing packets and will not fallback to un-encrypted mode if the peer refuses to co-operate. Good to connect to only encryption-enabled peers. Avoid doing this for torrents with low peers/seeds.

Remove the check for "Allow Incoming Legacy Connections". This will make all your outgoing and incoming packets fully encrypted, except for tracker communications. Peers who are using a client that don't support encryption are dropped. Avoid doing this for torrents with low peers/seeds.

Avoid private trackers, especially those with torrents that specifically tell utorrent to disable DHT (effectively disabling Peer Exchange too). You can tell if the torrent is private by selecting the torrent and looking at the DHT value. If it says "disabled", it is a private torrent.

Check the Availability column for the torrent. If it is less than 1, chances are that the torrent is new and the original uploaded is still. However, if it remains at a value less than 1 (eg, 0.98) for more than a day, either the torrent does not have seeds or it is fake. (Thanks TTbarDJ)

Click this for more http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/index.html

Hope this helps!

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um, actually aXXo has inserted a readme in his torrent, and i think its about that site. here's what it says:

This file has been brought to you by aXXo and it's absolutely for free.

I have been sharing with you for a long time and I have never asked

for anything in return.



sites that have my nickname included in their names.

You can't be sure that the torrents listed there ARE the REAL deal.



Don't believe in liars and conmens like some site Admin and his crews.

They bring shame to the file sharing world.

Find me through my accounts or on reliable sites.

PURE P2P always FOR YOU.


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