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Very interesting if slightly older report about british troops.

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Good find!

IMHO, we F#@&ed up with Afghanistan when we dropped them like a bad habit after the Soviets pulled out.  Hopefully we are not about to do the same thing again....We armed them, trained them, funded them, and then kicked them to the curb.  Then spent lots of cash to try and buy back the stuff we sold them so it wouldn't come back and bite us in the ass..

We should have finished what we started after 9/11.  Instead of fighting and winning one war, we are holding on by a thread to 2 of them...And considering the political condition in Pakistan(nothing like a country with nukes that has an unstable gov't), we should be worried more about Afghanistan....IMHO, its just a clusterF#@& waiting to happen all over again.

For anyone who is interested, there is book called "Ghost Wars", that follows events from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, up until 9/11...A very interesting read....

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