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Happy Birthday tdawnaz


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Please join me in wishing a long time (since forever) moderator on testmy.net a very very happy and blessed birthday. She deserves our best wishes, she busts her *tightass* tail for us here everyday!

Happy B-day T. May it be the best one ever! (sorry I was late, I wasn't near a computer today!)

:smitten: :smitten: :smitten::hello:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday::iloveu:

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yes i am grandpa...thx for noticing :)

thx everyone...it was a VERY good birthday...spent up in the mountains by flagstaff with my family and a bunch of friends...very rainy but wonderful...lots of fun and good food :) ...here are a couple of fun pics...i'm taking the pics in these...hahaha

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u guys shoulda went camping with me...man now thar's sum good fun...saw deer and a snake of some sort squirle...we caught lots of bugs...huge beetles, millipedes and a couple of baby centipedes...even caught one of these...and it bit my grson...all in good fun of course :)


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Happy Birthday "Momma T"

[move] :occasion14::bday:occasion13.gif:bday:occasion13.gif:bday::occasion14:[/move]

Oh lol Bro , there goes my brownie points . I guess you win some and you loose some : :cry2:

Anyway,  Happy belated Birthday TDAWNAZ  :smitten:

I may have forgoten the Birthday , but not the girl .


* Thinks,  check the calendar Knuckle head * :idiot2: (Brit insult meaning dim ) and no connection to Harley D.  :evil6: or maybe ?  :shrug: ......................... :lol:

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