Well, if you can't reach 90% of your ISP's advertised speed you might have a problem. Luckily that problem can be fixed in most cases by tweaking your windows registry. There are a lot of tweak programs out on the internet. Unfortunately, not all of them do the job right. When you need help with tweaking, add these things in your post. 1. What OS are you running? Examples: Windows 98, Windows XP. If you have XP make sure you have SP2 installed! Also download the p2p fix for SP2 here If you have Windows Vista read this sticky https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/18220-windows-vista-tcp-tweak/'>https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/18220-windows-vista-tcp-tweak/ Answer:I'm using Win ........ If you have a MAC try BroadbandOptimizer 2. Who your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, and what the advertised speed for download/upload is. Answer: Cox Cable 9000....... 3. What tweaking programs you already have installed, and run this test.  Copy all text and paste it in your post! For security reasons, blank out your IP #. Answer:TCP Optimi... and here is the result of analyzer... 4. What speed do you have against https://testmy.net and http://nitro.ucsc.edu/ also download this Tracert and Ping program (file no longer available, in Windows go to Start > Run > Type CMD > and in the command prompt type tracert testmy.net or traceroute testmy.net in terminal for all other OS's).  When it's done, copy and paste the results in your post. Answer:here is the results... 5. Under your LAN connection - properties - general tab, uninstall all the protocols there that you do not need.  You most likely only need "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)."  If you share files on your home network, you also need "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks." Answer:done that... 6. Open Internet Explorer and select the Tools menu, go to Internet Options, Connections tab, click the LAN settings button, make sure nothing there is checked. Answer:done that.... 7. Never Connect to your modem via USB ! Always connect to your modem via ethernet (NIC) and make sure you have the latest drivers for your NIC. Set your NIC duplex mode to 10mb half duplex for Cable, for DSL it depends on the ISP service unless you are using a router, if so then set it to 100mb full duplex for both Cable & DSL. If you are using a router make sure you have the latest firmware. Answer:done that... my NIC is now set to.... and firmware is the latest available 8. Power cycle your modem, unplug it for at least 3 minutes Answer:done that... 9. Download, update, and do a scan with SpyBot and Ad Aware to remove any spyware Answer:done that.... 10. ZoneAlarm firewall has known problems with dropping speed, I suggest to uninstall it and compare speed Answer:done that... speed changed to... 11. Install Outpost Firewall, Sygate Firewall, or Zone Alarm. Answer:I got Norton and ... 12. Scan for viruses with your antivirus app, if you do not have one get one, AVG, Avast!, and Ewido are great. Answer:done that, my antivirus program is... 13. Make sure you have ALL of the latest Windows Updates Answer:done that..... 14. Download and run CCleaner Answer:done that... 15. Go to VanBuren testmy.net Cablenut settings and install Cablenut 4.08 and Vanburens cablenut settings version 9 Answer:Done that, but don't know what file i should use 16. If you choose to build your own tweakfile with j79zlr's webpage, I suggest to leave SynAttackProtect to 0, and use a latency value between 150 and 300 ms. If your calculated TcpWindowSize is above 65535 and your webrowsing seem sluggish, i suggest to test with a TcpWindowSize and GlobalMaxTcpWindowsize that is 44 x ( your MSS value ) and change Tcp13230pts to 0. Answer:I havent built my own file... VanBuren