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A step in the right direction

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:undecided: , I really don't want to appear as an old cynic BUT,

"Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium" , so OK  they turn to subsidised wheat crops etc., and the price of opium rockets due to the shortage ,

farmers grow the best cash crop they can , and if you were living in relative poverty then  which  you grow ?,

Just my view , but wherever there is a willing buyer , there will be a grower ,

that applies to all businesses , including Microsoft etc.

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That is so true Roco. $$$$$$$$$$$$ is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Yeah , so taking this to it's logical conclusion , maybe I should feel sorry for the bum that steals from me to feed his selfinflicted addiction , as he is helping to support the underprivileged of the world

yeah, right ,I see it the same way  :

no mercy from me,  :knuppel2:

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